Vesting of CREATIVES

Vesting means committing a certain amount to buy CREATIVES, and unvest (until NIM has confirmed delivery) means you can at any time demand that money back if you change your mind. Be aware that you will lose the price reservation. All gas fees must be paid by the vesters to the network.
Please note that the term staking and vesting is used interchangeably

The vesting/staking contract is developed by our partner OtoCo in USA. OtoCo is a spinoff of Otonomos. OtoCo’s smart contracts were audited by Coinspect in May 2022. Please find the report here!

This is the current stage. The launch pool has been initialized, but we are before the start date of the Vesting Stage.

This is the live stage during which anybody can vest and unvest with the starting price of US$0.50 and potential ending price of ~US$150.00. The vesting stage will take place till the 1st of January 2023.

NIM will call a lock function when the end date and the soft cap have been reached. This means that nobody can vest or unvest anymore. If NIM does not call the lock function, vesting can continue up to the hard cap, but nobody can unvest.

The lock function then triggers the Calculation Stage, which makes a final tally of all vested money and calculates how many CREATIVES each vester will receive for the amount they vested.

Once all tokens are calculated, the contract automatically triggers the Distribution Stage, and CREATIVES will be automatically transferred to the vesters.

Once the last tokens are distributed, the Claiming Stage is automatically triggered. NIM can call the withdrawStakes function at this stage, allowing NIM to withdraw all vesdted amounts. Only at this stage are the funds available to NIM.

NIM can always abort the sequence after the end date. This will allow all vesters to unvest.