The driver of royalties

Internet's never-ending content fuels CREATIVES

CREATIVES are the public representatives for Royalty Tokens and are in free trade.

The CREATIVES ecosystem
Developed, administered, and designed as Proof of Content (PoC) by New Internet Media. Proof of Content means that creators will participate after registering their content. This is also known as “staking.” The ecosystem incentivizes creativity and the production of high-quality professional content, keeping the ecosystem robust and thriving. A registration defines the creators of the copyright, the commercial rules of the Proof of Content, and content metadata.

CREATIVES are backed by royalties
Creatives are backed by content – the very lifeblood of the Internet – securely and accurately reflecting the value of the NIM ecosystem.

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) pay a licensing fee (royalties) in Royalty Tokens. Alternatively, Royalty Tokens can represent reports that form the base of invoices.

Exchanging Royalty Tokens
Royalty Tokens can be exchanged for fiat or CREATIVES. If exchanged to CREATIVES, a transfer of US dollars representing the value of Royalty Tokens will be transferred to the NIM escrow bank account, and the CREATIVES will be issued.

CREATIVES will be the currency of all digital cultural content:

  • Copyright owners and investors in copyrights
  • DSPs will use CREATIVES to buy Royalty tokens.
  • DSPs will allow their subscribers to pay with CREATIVES
  • CREATIVES will become the “de facto” currency for all digital cultural content.
  • The value of CREATIVES will therefore increase over time.

The CopyrightChains ecosystem uses the Power of Content as “staking” for consensus.
CopyrightID is Proof that a legal entity (person or company) has registered an intangible asset representing copyright or intellectual property right.
Royalty Tokens are the vehicle for paying royalties to holders of CopyrightShares.
CREATIVES are the public representative for Royalty Tokens and are in free trade.
CopyrightShares are non-fungible assets of that CopyrightID.
Royalty Tokens are fungible assets that represent royalties that a CopyrightShare produces.

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